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Don't deal with the insurance company on your own. The goal of the insurance company is to send you back to work as soon as possible and settle with you for little or no money. 


The Scott Law Firm will deal with the insurance company so you can devote your time to recovering from your injuries. We work with a network of doctors to make sure you get the medical treatment you need to recover.


The Scott Law Firm will assist with your Work Injury including injuries Caused by:

Repetitive Work Injuries
Brain Injuries
Catastrophic Injuries
Death Claims
Exposure to Dangerous Work Conditions
Workplace Harassment/Stress/Anxiety
Uninsured Employers

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A work injury can be caused by more than one accident. If you have body aches that you believe are caused by performing your job duties, you may have a work injury called a "CUMULTIVE TRAUMA or REPETITIVE WORK" injury. If you have suffered an accident or cumulative trauma injury, Contact the Scott Law Firm.

If we do not Recover anything for you there is No Fee

Diallo Scott was admitted to the California Bar in December 2000. He graduated from Southwestern University School of Law in May 2000. He received a BA from UCLA in 1996.


Mr. Scott began his career representing clients in labor and employment claims against their employers, business litigation, and real estate litigation. He has gone up against major corporations and obtained settlements or judgments in favor of his clients.

Mr. Scott decided to make a change and began practicing in workers' compensation. He began his workers' compensation career representing major insurance companies, self-insured employers and uninsured employers before representing injured workers. He started representing injured workers because he was tired of seeing insurance companies unfairly deny medical treatment, send injured workers back to work to soon and pressure them to settle their case for a low amount when they do not have an attorney.


Mr. Scott’s experience representing insurance companies allows him to understand their strategies so he can effectively take actions to make sure you get the medical treatment and compensation you deserve.

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